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ATAA Success Stories

I’ve been a member of ATAA since the beginning and attended the first conference in 2016. It is one of the best professional organizations I’ve participated in during my career.  Second, I want to thank leadership for consistently sharing your knowledge to inspire us to think and practice in new ways. I settled a case this year that I took on shortly after the first ATAA symposium. I owe a debt of gratitude for people whose presentations helped me approach this case in ways I hadn’t before – all of which helped make sure that this family was ultimately treated with the kind of dignity and respect that they deserved.
Tom Sinas
Grand Rapids, MI

I recently handled a trucking case with a newly practicing attorney. Several other attorneys had turned down the case, in which our client rear-ended a tractor trailer at a high rate of speed. Liability was very difficult. We obtained a very favorable settlement on this case, which would have not been possible without the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA). We garnered incredible information from the 2016 Annual Symposium and the member resource center provided many document samples that we utilized in our case. Most importantly, the networking with experienced trucking lawyers nationwide, was invaluable. They provided exceptional advice and direction as we moved through this challenging case! ATAA was the reason why we were able to deliver a substantial check to the grieving widow.

William Cremins
Knoxville, TN

The Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization with over 800 members.  ATAA’s mission is to:

  • RECOGNITION: Recognizing attorneys who have DOCUMENTABLE KNOWLEDGE, REAL EXPERIENCE and PROVEN RESULTS in handling truck crash cases so that victims can choose lawyers with confidence. Lawyers can claim to be anything on the Internet or in promotional material, but every ATAA Board Certified member has been thoroughly vetted and tested.
  • EDUCATION: Providing lawyers who handle truck crash cases for victims with the very best cutting edge education and resources available to both improve their knowledge and skill set and as a pathway to achieve Board Certification in trucking litigation.
  • ADVOCACY: Monitoring and active involvement in judicial, legislative and regulatory initiatives that affect highway safety and the trucking industry. This also includes grass-roots campaigns.


The attorneys listed on this website are not employed by the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA), but rather professionals who hold membership in ATAA.  Please note that ATAA does not provide direct legal representation, endorse any particular attorney, or make any guarantees regarding the availability, credibility, or standing of a particular attorney who holds membership in this organization.  The information you access through this site is not legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed by use of this site.



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