Bobby McDaniel
McDaniel Law Firm, PLC
400 South Main Street
Jonesboro, AR  72401

Licensed in: Arkansas

Law School: University of Arkansas, Fayetteville-1972
Undergraduate Degrees: BSBA

Martindale-Hubbell and other legal ratings:
Martindale-Hubbell AV Rating

Trucking specific organizations and leadership positions and awards:
    Member, AAJ Interstate Trucking Litigation Group

Law Organizations and leadership and awards: 
    Past President, Arkansas Trial Lawyers
    Outstanding Trial Lawyer (twice – only attorney so honored)
    Advocacy Award
    Lifetime Achievement Award

Notable Results: 
    $9,000,000 settlement against Estes for medically unqualified driver causing death
    $5,250,000 for driver going 90 mph forced into median, not contact with truck
    $1,800,000 for TBI truck driver parked with tires at white line rear ended

Additional Information:
    - Established  law for logo liability in Arkansas, reversed years later
    - Won numerous commercial motor vehicle trials (more than 10) with contested liability in most.
    - Won Daubert motions and summary judgment motion on side underride with our client losing control, crossing lane divider line, sliding under trailer resulting in death.  Another side underride settled.
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